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I'm pleased to introduce you to Nekoka and Jenni from my Seeded series.

“It was a dark and stormy night,” Nekoka said with some relish, dipping her voice into something dark and ominous.

From the kitchen nook, Jenni looked up from her paperwork out through the French doors and into the sunny, spring morning. A bird twittered as it hopped through the lawn. She immediately went back to her paperwork.

“And the Jabberwacky oozed up from the kitchen drain, slurping its amorphous form over the lip of the sink and landing onto the tiled floor with a schloop.” Nekoka smacked her lips on the ‘p’.

“Jabberwocky.” Jenni scribbled something with her pen.

Nekoka turned away from the bright morning to look at her friend, eyes narrowed. “The Jabberwacky,” she stressed, “slid across the tiles towards the unsuspecting woman…”

Jenni’s pen kept dancing over the page.

Nekoka pursed her lips, drawing them down into a little frown. With her gaze on Jenni, she pulled herself to her full five feet two inch height, until one of her shoulders dipped. Kind of wilted. Next her chest began dripping down her front like a scoop of ice cream down the side of its cone on a spring day such as this. Jenni didn’t look up. Nekoka’s face took on the melted look next, a wax statue left out in the Arizona sun. In a fluid motion, her entire body lost its form and succumbed to disintegration. Her lips remained intact, though, as she spoke her final words, “And the Jabberwacky sought out its prey, smothering the woman as she thrashed, struggling for her life as the Jabberwacky sucked out her very soul through her pores.”

Nekoka dribbled to the floor into a puddle, its green surface reflecting the incandescent lighting from above. The mass of goo undulated its way under the desk and began sliding up Jenni’s bare feet.

Jenni brushed at it with her foot.

The ooze climbed up her thigh.

Jenni set down the pen, pushed her chair back and stared at the animate clump of goo that had reached her lap. She sighed.

“Fine. I’ll finish the paperwork later.”

A flat face surfaced within the puddle. It smiled.

“Brat.” Jenni patted the ooze, then stood, waiting for the slime to disengage her legs, and walked to the French doors. “Come on, Jabberwacky.” Jenni stepped out into the bright day and behind her, Nekoka, now normal in form, followed.

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