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Mar. 6th, 2013 05:42 am
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A writer acquaintance of mine just posted this:

A Christian Inspirational book I co-authored with Janice Seney is free on Kindle this week. This is my first non-fiction so I'm really excited. You don't have to own a kindle to read it. I'd love to have you review it, but every download helps. I'd love to give away 1,000 books this week, so between now and Friday please go here: and take advantage of this opportunity. Feel free to share this link with your network and help me get to 1,000 downloads.
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My critique group co-member has been posting one of his stories, free, online.

Set in a future time when our planet has changed, information and its dissemination are controlled by De Authoriteit of the Industrial Confederation. Luis and Avinashika find themselves on an adventure thanks to their mutual friend Willem. As their world changes, can they adapt to new circumstances and learn to live, love, and survive in their new environment?

Perfect by Kaleb Lynn Thomas

I really enjoy how Kaleb sticks these characters in this situation, especially Luis, that he just can't control anymore. It's a roller coaster he can't jump off and you really worry about him and feel sorry for him, because based on one knee-jerk decision his entire life has changed. Great stuff.

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