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God, or maybe Mother Nature, has thrown down a plague upon northern Africa and the Middle East. Should the area expect nine other plagues to follow?

Watch the little guys blacken the sky.

I saw locust in Costa Rica back in 2000. They were length of my palm (photo from Now imagine, millions of those hand-sized beasties descending upon your town, your home… your person. It's enough to give you the heebie-jeebies.

My cats used to eat grasshoppers. I wonder how they'd choke down one of these.

Since I'd written a novel set in Egypt, I like to keep my eye on the area. For my intrepid adventurer Jeannette, it wasn't locusts but beetles that sent her over the edge into paralyzed EWW!!! I've never been to Egypt. I want to go to Egypt. But I think I'll wait until the other nine have gone through their paces.

Want to follow the locust swarm? Food and Drug Administration of the United Nations has set up Locust Watch.
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Found a neat little gadget online. Pulp-O-Mizer. So many gadgets, so little surf time. This one lets you create your own sci-fi pulp novel cover. Though my story isn't sci-fi, I did attempt to create one for Three Great Lies: An Egyptian Fairytale—my completed literary-fantasy novel that I’m currently shopping out. In the novel, Jeannette is a laboratory scientist, so I figured this woman with the Florence flask was the closest I could get. I just wish I had a tomb in the background, or the Nile.

Three Great Lies – She fell down a TOMB into a world of UNKNOWABLE danger!

(note: this is in no way an official cover, this is just for fun.)

Give it a shot! I'd love to see your covers.

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