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Recently I reviewed all of my story and novel notes.

Wow, there's PAGES of that stuff, all valuable in some way or form. I'm a copious idea jotter, note taker, and quote collector. I've got my ear, mind and eye scanning the world on all frequencies for something that sparks a scene or inspires a character or solidifies a plot.

I'm in a slightly dreaded place right now: too many ideas, not enough time.

But, if I had all the time in the world to write, wouldn't that burn me out?

I don't know. I've never had that experience.

But while walking down memory lane—I've been writing on these stories for YEARS—I got nostalgic for my old relationships with these characters. For me, I usually come up with a character first, and then the plot develops around them. There is Nash, the boy who has a dark secret but always shows a brilliant grin. Or Mrsharra, who doesn't want to disappoint her tribe, but so terribly wants to live a life outside of the planned box. Or Baron Leopold von Baden, the flesh golem who rises in challenge against a most righteous God and finds love in the most unexpected place: a twenty-something college student. Or Margery, an old woman long secluded, who has had her glass house broken by a unwitting trespasser. And of course Nekoka, my cliché cat-girl computer psychic who doesn't march to any drummer.

These and more, I love them. They are, each and every one of them, a part of me. I want their stories to be told, I want people to get to know them, understand them, love them as I do.

I have another fifteen minutes until class. I better get writing.
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