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It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of dedication. For some of us, it's a second job that pays little to nothing. But we do it because it's a love.

I've 'won' NaNoWriMo eight times. That means I've got eight rough drafts lying around. One of them, a more recent creation, is Three Great Lies: An Egyptian Fairytale. I've set this novel free, afloat on the contrails of a regular stream of query letters. The second, Awaken [lead me to death], is on the spinners wheel, still being formed, molded to send thrills and chills down people's spines. I've just completed the rough draft and now the real work comes.

Another of my NaNoWriMo roughs, a mere 50,000 word skeleton for a larger beast, is the Seeded series. Seeded is set in a near future world where people have developed and grown a 'Seed' within their bodies, that somehow allows them to break physics in amazing ways. It's a superhero series, though few of my characters want to be heroes.

At the core of the story are two best friends: Nekoka and Jenni. Nekoka is a computer telekinetic with an affinity for cats (including alterforming into them) and no respect for authority, and Jenni is a vanilla flavored telepath with a heavy hand in a bar brawl, not that she would ever brawl for brawling's sake.

There's a large cast of characters for this series and I think this is a great opportunity to explore them for myself, and for those interested in the world. These are more like free writes, and sometimes I might give a character a power that's just too much for the book, so don't consider this total canon.

It will take a little time to get my Seeded novel polished and in the can, but I'd like to introduce you to Nekoka and Jenni so maybe you can learn to love them as I have.
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