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Every year I truly appreciate the New Year’s season. I’m the kind of brain that needs a clean slate, a tabula rasa, a reboot. It’s just how I’m wired. It gives me an opportunity to look forward from point X in time and realize that the future is what is happening, not the past. That the future is attainable, time can be used for productive things, filled with fun things, and opportunity is just right there.

2012 was a fairly good year for me. I found an amazing guy. I birded my heart out (78 Lifers). I polished up a novel (Three Great Lies) and have begun to shop it out. I got my first publishing credit for a short story (Infallible Universal Order). I spent a week in Arizona, a week in Glacier National Park, and a week in North Carolina: all amazingly fun and good trips. I still have my job, my car works, my health is good, my neighbors have been quiet and I adopted a new cat. I was able to save up a good ‘emergency’ fund.

I didn’t do much athletically and have gotten a bit weak. I feel distanced from my family. Spiritually, I haven’t done much growing. But if you balance those scales, I think the good really outweighs the bad. Though, adopting the new cat could go on either side of the scales. My furniture is paying the ultimate price, anyway.

This year, as always, I have new goals.

  1. I want to be more active in my spiritual growth.

  2. I plan on submitting my novel to 5 different agents/editors/contests a month. I would also like to keep writing short stories and submitting those for publication to earn more publishing credits.

  3. Complete my First Draft of Awaken by the Summer Solstice

That’s it. I would like to do lots of backpacking this summer since I now have a complete set of gear. *happy dance* I plan on doing a birding Big Day once a month for Clark County. I will still run and dance, but without any grander goals than physical activity. These are all secondary to my main goal. My plan to become a published novelist.

I hope that each and every one of you have met something of your goals for 2012 and have had moments of joy, success and pleasure.

Good Luck in 2013!!
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