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It's the perfect day for writing.

A little cold, a little drizzly. When the weekend weather is dreary, I find I get my best writing done. It's an all day affair for me this weekend. Get up, check my FB and journal, read a little of whatever novel or writing book I'm reading at the time, and set down to the novel with a cup of tea and a warm kitty for the lap.

On these days I love the story. I love the characters. I can take my time and really explore them. I don't feel rushed to get out my words, but I know I can enjoy the narration. Feel the characters' reactions. Understand their motivation.

I think these are the most valuable writing days for me. Maybe that's one reason NaNoWriMo is set in November.

I'm unsure if I'll have the rough draft finished by the end of the month; only 12 more days to go. But I do know I'll meet my word count. It's not really a challenge I'm worried about.

I wish every morning could be like this. Not necessarily the weather, but the feeling. The ability to sit down and face my novel without rushing to do it before I go to the office. Someday.

I just have to decide it to be so.

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